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#1. Breaking the Code

At one time or another, as a developer, we've all found ourselves hopelessly stuck on a coding issue...

Desperately searching stackoverflow on the off chance that someone might have the exact issue that you do (they’ dont). Only to to wake up the next day to find the answer was right in front of you the whole time, how could you miss it!

#2. Rubber Duck Debudding

If you’ve worked with other developers before, you should be aware of the phenomenon by now of trying to explain a problem to someone and within the same breath, realizing the solution to that very problem. Which is great, but no-one wants to waste their co-workers’ valuable time. Nor will there always be a coworker with the knowledge or availability you need to help in a pinch.

The simple solution is to re-engage in the same phenomenon with a rubber duck at your desk (if you have one) or any other inanimate object you want talk to. When your mind is forced to reframe a problem in a way that makes it explainable, you have to break apart into it’s basic components and often that is where the ‘aha’ moment comes from. There was something on a basic level you were missing. It’s silly, and your work-mates may look at you funny, but try it out! You’ll be surprised at how effective it can be.

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